What should an elite escort girl be like?

escort services

In recent years, escorts have become a popular service. Successful people who do not have time for their personal lives are happy to use the services of attractive girls. Men significantly increase their status by appearing at a social event, a cooperative party, or a business meeting with a presentable lady. In addition, communicating with a beautiful model will allow you to take your mind off your problems, relax, and have fun. At the same time, a man will save time looking for a suitable girl, dating, and having long conversations. With an escort girl, everything is different – purely a business relationship.

Requirements for escort girls

Many reputable business owners are looking for a partner to go to a meeting or party with. Escort agencies are ready to offer a worthy companion who can show off her beauty and intelligence. For example, Marbella escort girls are trained, discreet, intelligent girls who specialize in escorting clients for a fixed fee.

escort services

Requirements for an escort girl:

  • Age. The escort employs girls between 18 and 40, but successful men most often prefer girls between 20 and 32.
  • Appearance. With the help of specialists (make-up artists, stylists, cosmetologists), escort models turn into beauties from glossy magazine covers. Agency employees always look impeccable, follow the advice of professionals, and maintain their appearance at a high level.
  • A slim body. You don’t need to be a model with parameters of 90-60-90 to accompany a man at various events. The fashion for flat women in the 21st century has changed to beauties with luscious forms. Escort girls constantly work out in the gym and eat right to keep their bodies in perfect condition.
  • Speech and manner of communication. Escort ladies have self-presentation skills. In addition, they know how to find an approach to any person, communicate freely on various topics, and be exciting conversationalists.
  • Broad outlook. Escorts are not only attractive and sexy, but also erudite. They constantly develop and expand their horizons.

The girls are ready for an irregular work schedule. They are always in touch and can attend meetings at any time.

Intimacy and escort: how are they related?

It is impossible not to recall the topic of the presence of sexual overtones in the issue of escort services. This is a very subtle and delicate issue. Of course, agency managers cannot control the behavior and further development of the relationship between the girl and the client, but they do not interfere.

Communication and entertainment are the main priorities for escort agency managers; they don’t focus on the rest. However, the decision to develop relations remains behind the scenes and outside the agency’s official activities.