Real Wife Cuckold And A Brief Account Of The Terms Involved

Real Wife Cuckold And A Brief Account Of The Terms Involved

Humans find gratification by a lot of varied things and they seek a lot of new methods to find gratification. This search for gratification holds true for sexual gratification. The search for sexual gratification has led to the development of several sexual perversions in the society. Cuckolding is one such perversion. can help you in exploring more.

What does this term – ‘cuckolding’ means?

Cuckolding is an activity in which a married woman has sexual relations with a man other than her husband. The main difference between having an affair and cuckolding is that the thought of betraying her husband is actually exciting to the woman.

Some people also interpret cuckolding as a sexual perversion in which a husband knowingly permits his wife to sleep with other men. The main difference between an open relationship and those real wife cuckold videos is that in a cuckolding scenario, often the husband is present in the room when is wife is having sex with the other man. Another distinguishing factor between cuckolding and an open relationship is that the man do usually remains monogamous during the marriage while her wife enjoys the company of other men.

What is psychology cuckolding?

For a woman cuckolding is simply a way to enjoy the sexual experience with other man and to assert her ‘dominance’ in the relationship, since she is the one doing whatever she wants. It is also a way for a woman to confirm his ‘independence’ from the common societal norms and dogmas.

If the man is unaware of this relationship then it is a simple case of ‘ignorance is bliss’ but if the husband is aware of such relationship and in some cases even willing actively participating in such activity then it becomes a little difficult to explain their psychology.

As several real cuckold videos depict, sometimes the husband is really turned on to see their wife having sex with other men. The reason can for this behavior correlates with the masochist behavior of the man, wherein he enjoys humiliation and is turned on by it. Sometimes the man is too insecure, has low self-esteem and highly lacks self-confidence. In such a case, the man would simply go along with the act in order to please his wife so that she doesn’t desert him. Sometimes the simply interested in having a threesome experience